25 April 2015

New Releases: Malibu & Santa Barbara

Considering we're based in Santa Barbara we thought it was time SB got some face time in our Etsy shop. (With a guest appearance from Malibu too!) Each print we sell has a unique backstory to it, so read on to discover what makes these latest additions art instead of just photographs.

Santa Barbara Surf Museum, Surf Photography, Retro Surfboard Print, Southern California Wall Art, Longboard
 Funk Zone Four print starting at $25.00

Santa Barbara's "Funk Zone" neighborhood -- located just blocks from the ocean -- is home to urban wineries, art galleries galore and a quirky establishment known as the Santa Barbara Surf Museum. Decked out in tiki decor and filled to the brim with iconic surfboards, skateboards and hula memorabilia it's a must-see destination for locals and tourists alike. We spotted this collection of well-loved surfboards sitting just outside of it, inviting guests to sit and stay a while. Bring some of Santa Barbara's beloved charm home with our Funk Zone Four Print!

Vintage Muscle Car Photo, Americana Photography, American Flag Art Print, Retro California Wall Art
Retro Vibes Car print starting at $25.00

This hand-painted muscle car has been a mainstay of our Santa Barbara neighborhood for years now. Always parked on the street, almost always in front of the same empty lot. We've been wanting to capture is charm for some time, and when it happened to be sitting in front of these beautiful bougainvillea shrubs... We knew the time had come. Add a touch of SoCal Americana to your home with our Retro Vibes Car print!

Palm Tree Art Print, Santa Barbara CA Photography, Abstract Art Print, Urban Photography
Symmetry print starting at $25.00

Symmetry has been described as "a sense of harmonious and beautiful proportion and balance". The human eye LOVES symmetry -- we search for it in nature and we replicate it in our architecture. This majestic palm tree jutting up between two freeway ramps in Santa Barbara CA demonstrates just that. If you're looking for a thoughtful, abstract print for your home -- "Symmetry" is it.

Vintage American Flag Print, Americana Photography, Pacific Coast Highway Malibu, California Wall Art
Surf Nation print starting at $25.00

Nowadays, Malibu California is synonymous with Hollywood's rich and famous. But long before that it started off as a community of free spirited surfers. We were driving through Malibu, along the iconic Pacific Coast Highway, when we spotted this little relic of Malibu's beginnings... A hand-painted American Flag garage door with a skimboard resting against it. It doesn't get more classic California than that!
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