25 May 2015

Around SB: Santa Barbara Blueberries

Santa Barbara Blueberrie Santa Barbara Blueberrie
Santa Barbara Blueberrie Santa Barbara Blueberrie Santa Barbara Blueberrie Santa Barbara Blueberrie Santa Barbara Blueberrie

One of my favorite things about living in Santa Barbara is our proximity to just about everything. LA is a car ride away, and if you're not in the mood for big city vibes, so is the serene Santa Ynez Valley. This Memorial Day weekend Ryan and I were craving the latter.

Our day started out at Quicksilver Ranch (home of mini ponies), progressed over to S.Y. Kitchen where I had literally the best homemade pasta ever and then brought us to Zinke Wine Co. in Los Olivos. (Try the rosé, you'll thank us later.)

Fueled by a few glasses of wine we wound up at Santa Barbara Blueberries on our way home. Just off the 101 between Gaviota and Solvang, this place is an isolated blip on the radar. We took our little tin pails -- just $19 to fill each -- out into the field and got to it. Truthfully I probably ate more than I picked, this place totally brought out the kid in me. So now we have more blueberries than we know what to do with -- oops.

If you're looking for something out of the ordinary to do with your weekend a stop at Santa Barbara Blueberries is a must. It's cheap, close and the berries taste amazing -- plus they don't use pesticides. We'll definitely be back when raspberry season rolls around!


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