19 June 2016

Things I've Eaten, Worn & Done Lately

It's that time again where I dump the contents of my iPhone on to this blog in an attempt to show you what I've been up to. Aside from these photos I have two other big updates:

1) We officially launched a Squarespace site for WCP. (Visit it HERE.) I built the thing in a day and I'm actually really pleased with the results. I plan on adding an e-commerce component to it as well. This way, you'll have the option to shop with us via Etsy or directly through our site.

2) I've added new prints to the Etsy shop. Yes, FINALLY! You can check those out here. They were either snapped at Rincon or in Santa Barbara and feature all sorts of ocean, sunset, palm tree goodness.

Now on to the rest...

(Zara Striped Top, Gap Jeans, Gucci Soho Disco Bag, Alexander Wang Sandals)

Apparently there is a Zara in Thousand Oaks I never knew existed. (WHAT?!) After a rather stressful day spent in LA this week I stopped off at the Thousand Oaks mall and scooped up this top. I got my retail therapy fix and now have my 4th of July outfit covered. Two birds, one stone. Also these Alexander Wang sandals have been giving me life. They're an entirely new shape for me (I usually wear ankle boots) and the block heel is comfortable enough for work days.

(Donut Peaches & Fresh Berries from the Santa Barbara Farmer's Market)

(Rick Owens Top (from @julianneboutique), Topshop Sock Boots, Free People Jeans, Moschino Belt, Vintage Necklace)

If I remember correctly this photo was taken on Memorial Day. Clearly I wasn't feeling the "official start of summer" vibes that day. Rick Owens and his weird, drapey, androgynous designs have been making themselves right at home in my closet lately. There's something really subtle yet unusual about his stuff that I love. The Topshop boots are by far my favorite bargain of the year. After seeing the Gucci and Dior versions all over Instagram (and deciding I'd rather pay rent than buy them) I opted for these and am totally pleased. Btw, pretty sure the belt is a knockoff as it was found in a thrift store a long time ago. 

(Los Agaves Steak Nachos from the De la Vina location)

Feeding two people for under $40 in this town is... difficult. A while back I discovered the nachos at Los Agaves are A) Gargantuan and B) Under $20. They're currently Ryan and I's go-to lunch item. The Milpas Street location is forever my fave but I sometimes opt for De la Vina since they have an outdoor patio/it's in our neighborhood. 

(Lanvin Sneakers (from @julianneboutique), Forever 21 Denim Romper, Gucci Soho Disco Bag)

Now that my entire wardrobe isn't comprised from Forever 21 out of necessity, I actually enjoy shopping there for trendier pieces. You know, things I'd never drop serious change on but want to try out. This denim playsuit thing cost less than a meal and I've actually been getting some serious wear out of it. Also I think I captioned this photo on Instagram with "when you're so pale you're reflective". Time for some self tanner!

(Photo-op during one of our evening walks through the neighborhood)
(Fresh Lavender from the Santa Barbara Farmer's Market -- Can't wait to dry it!)
(Kenzo Sweatshirt, Wildfox Sunglasses, Gucci Soho Disco Bag, Free People Jeans, Lanvin Sneakers (from @julianneboutique)

Photo credit to my friend Char who snapped this during a Sunday in LA. We walked around Abbott Kinney, Melrose and ate seriously the most amazing baby quiche at Fig & Olive. As you can see I've gotten major use out of this little Gucci bag. 10/10 would recommend. I usually carry something larger during the week so I can jam all my random work/life stuff in there, but I love this little dude for the weekends. 


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